Solving Key Problems Kiwi SaaS Businesses Face

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  • Our technical debt is a constant source of tension. How do we spend less time on bugs and more time on features customers love?
  • We need ways to increase capability within the team and remove 'key person risk'.
  • We have customers in the pipe but it takes too much effort (and cost) to get them onboarded.
  • We don’t know how to scale our product to handle 10x or 100x our current customer base.
  • To grow the dev team we constantly have to hire and it's time-consuming and expensive.
  • We keep pushing things out and releases are cumbersome and slow. 
  • The team is working longer hours, but we still don’t seem to be getting through more work.

Our experts have worked with hundreds of Kiwi SaaS businesses to understand the issues they face. Having your software run as efficiently as possible is key, especially during these challenging times.

Do you face any of these problems in your business?

Your business is ideal for Build for Speed if you:

  • Have a minimum of three developers

  • Want to grow

  • Are keen to improve!

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the Build for Speed programme. It was great to be with a team of experts who talked my language and who were passionate about wanting to help us succeed. The Build for Speed team also provided valuable advice on best practice, as well as practical advice on how to scale our business effectively. Big thumbs up for the programme and a special mihi to the team that delivered it.

Aaron McCallion, Executive Director at Waka Digital


How does Build for Speed work?

It's a two-stage process:

You’ll work with our Build for Speed team for up to 25 hours. This will centre around a discovery day (or two half days) for our experts to learn how your business and product works.

Complete review of software architecture, performance and platforms – what makes your SaaS product tick?

Session 2:

People, leadership and workflows – how is your product supported or hindered by the structure and behaviours in your business?

Session 1:

Craig Shipman

Callaghan Innovation – Business Innovation Adviser

Lets Talk

If you want to improve and grow your SaaS business – we want to chat.

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Build for Speed, part of the Innovation Skills series


The experts will use the insights they gather at the discovery stage to create a recommendations report to guide improvements to your product and business.

Given many businesses are now working from home, our experts have adapted the Build for Speed programme so your team can participate in the entire discovery phase virtually.


This stage is where you really get to transform your product and business. We will provide up to 50 hours of coaching with our experts to grow your team’s capability and implement the recommendations identified at the discovery stage. In some cases, this phase can also be carried out virtually. Please contact your direct relationship manager to see whether this will work for your business.

Partially funded by Callaghan Innovation

Build for Speed is a Callaghan Innovation initiative. We share the cost with your business.

We fund:



You pay:

Discovery Stage Cost:

Implementation Stage Cost

$7,000 (you pay $4,200)

Determine how much you'd like to spend – we co-fund 40% of up to $15,000.


Please note: amid the current COVID-19 crisis, if you have any concerns about your ability to complete activities on the Build for Speed programme within contracted timeframes, we can work through changes, so please get in touch with your direct relationship manager.

What SaaS businesses are saying about Build for Speed

The programme’s designed to assist companies to build better products and to build products better.

Having a clear set of actions was really important to us so that we can improve in the short and long term.

Manuel Seidel

ecoPortal – CEO

The Build for Speed programme has really helped with our technical debt because the team is able to prioritise between improvements and feature requests and the ongoing day-to-day issues a lot better.

Helene Seidel-Sterzik

ecoPortal – COO

We’re managing over 25 million data points every month, and our continued growth would not have happened if we hadn’t done Build for Speed.

Darren Whitaker-Barnett

WhosOnLocation – CEO

What is Build for Speed?

We know how inefficient processes can prevent software businesses from getting important projects out the door, and that it’s not always easy to see what’s not working – or how to fix it. That’s why we’ve developed Build for Speed.

Common issues that software businesses face, such as technical debt and ‘key person risk’, take up time that would be better spent growing the business. With Build for Speed, software businesses with at least three developers work with our experts to identify the business’s pain points, and then develop and implement a tailored solution strategy.

To help businesses access the programme, Callaghan Innovation co-funds up to 40% of the programme costs and most of the content can be delivered virtually.

If your software business is ready to ditch time-wasting activities and get back to growing and innovating, find out more below to see how joining Build for Speed could help.